I am Oluwasegun Taiwo Ojo. I grew up in Akure, Nigeria, a town in south-western Nigeria. I have always wanted to be a professor for as long as I can remember, even before I knew what professors do. I just wanted to be like my father’s friend who was a professor at the university in my town, the Federal University of Technology, Akure (FUTA).

I ended up studying statistics at the same university after which I got an African Institute for Mathematical Sciences Next Einstein Initiative (AIMS-NEI) scholarship to do a master’s degree in mathematical sciences at the AIMS centre in Cameroon. I finished at AIMS-Cameroon in 2016 and freelanced a bit as data analyst on Upwork where I helped clients tackle some difficult data wrangling and analysis projects.

Currently, I am Research Assistant at IMDEA Networks Institute in Leganes, Madrid, and a Mathematical Engineering Ph.D. student at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. My research focus mainly on outlier detection methods and tools used in functional data analysis (FDA).

I am a big fan of R and it’s my favourite software for processing data. I have recently been dabbling into a bit of C++ too because of it’s speed and memory management. I also love reading about stats and maths and tinkering with computers. Below you can find a couple of current projects I am involved in:

Detecting and Classifying Outliers in Big Functional Data.

A manuscript describing a scalable method (called FastMUOD) to detect and classify outliers in functional data. (Under review: Arxiv link).

CoronaSurveys Project

I am involved in the CoronaSurveys project led by my supervisor Antonio Fernandez Anta at IMDEA Networks. A brief overview of CoronaSurveys can be found in our KDD Humanitarian Mapping Workshop 2020 paper on Arxiv.

R package

I am currently building an R package for some functional data analysis methods.


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